Links Post

Some things I’ve found interesting lately:

UK politics/economics – are the Tories really the party for economic responsibility? Not according to this research, The Tories’ Economic Incompetence, or Economics Professor Simon Wren-Lewis in Why are the Conservatives so incompetent at running the economy? (go on, tell us what you really think!).

Philosophy Tube puts out a lot of great content – here he is in Transphobia: An Analysis, introducing the very helpful concept of ‘yer dad’ as the well-meaning liberal who doesn’t quite grasp it.

ContraPoints is well worth listening to for insights and laughs: e.g. her critique of Jordan Peterson, which contains maybe the only good explanation of post-modernism out there.

Briahna Joy Gray features in Current Affairs and The Intercept. In How Identity Became a Weapon Against the Left she discusses the misuse of identity politics, and the ‘Bernie-bro’ narrative’s erasure of lefty women and POC. She addresses similar themes in Beware the Race Reductionist, arguing for real intersectionality.

‘Venezuela!’ is being used as a catch-all response to anything even slightly left. Watch Argument ad Venezuelum for a more sophisticated look at the country’s woes.

Current Affairs’ Nathan J. Robinson writes from a libertarian-socialist perspective. Here’s How To Be A Socialist Without Being An Apologist For The Atrocities Of Communist Regimes. ‘If your society manages to have impressively low infant mortality and impressively high literacy, but tortures political prisoners, we might want to adopt your literacy program while declining to recreate your secret police.’

Go a bit more to the bottom left of the political compass than Nathan J. Robinson, and you get to anarchism, an intriguing but widely misunderstood perspective. Here’s Part One and Part Two of an explanation in the form of a response to a Marxist-Leninist.

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