Pretend I Wrote a Thing

blank notebook

Pretend I wrote a thing.

Fill the blank page with syllables that sing,
a crescendo of cascading consonants.
Alliteration? You bet your
associations can be played with.

Imagine some nice imagery,
like a simile,
or a metaphor’s needle threading the present
to a fond scent, sound, or sight from your past.

Everyone likes haikus
So count yourself one of those
Three lines, 5-7-5

If you like enjambment, you can have it
then marshal your best franglais to pronounce it
as you recall a teacher explaining what it is
while you texted under the desk.

Add a rhyme scheme,
an intriguing theme,
an evocative scene
with subtextual sheen.

Pretend I wrote a thing
so I don’t have to.

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