What Else To Call Them?

Thatcher - starving miners.
Boris - starving minors.

Over 100 Tory backbenchers have complained about ‘abuse’ after Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner used the word ‘scum’ in Parliament.

Recent events provide a decent enough reason these people should be thoroughly shunned. Following footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaigning there was a vote on whether or not to extend free school meals to poor kids in England over the holidays, which lost by 322 votes to 261. Only five Tories voted for the scheme.

Being confronted with the subject of child poverty gets some people even more rabid than usual.

Backbench loon Steve Baker says “Not destroying the currency with excessive QE is also one of our duties.” £12bn on Serco’s failure of Test and Trace is supposed to be affordable while a pittance on feeding families in poverty would destroy the pound – according to a guy who guns for No Deal and wants to return to the gold standard.

A fellow blogger quotes MP Philip Davies’ reply to a constituent:

[P]arents should be primarily responsible for feeding their children rather than the state […] I wonder what we would ask them to be responsible for.

Meanwhile Ben Bradley MP (who previously suggested sterilising the unemployed) is under fire for a tweet suggesting that free school meals vouchers would end up in crack dens:

The Conservative MP had replied to a tweet in which another user had described the free school meals programme as ‘£20 cash direct to a crack den and a brothel’.

He then responded with: “That’s what FSM vouchers in the summer effectively did…”

While various councils, charities and businesses are working to address the need of these families, there is too large a segment of British society which agrees with the above MPs. The same people manic about foreign aid, which they want spent ‘at home’ instead, oppose practically any action to support the nation’s poor.

‘Can’t afford kids? Don’t have them!’ some gobshite is always spouting, apparently unaware that people’s situations can change over 18+ years, that we’re in a pandemic and people have lost jobs or need to somehow manage on a segment of their usual wage, and, crucially, that the kids exist anyway and need food even if the parents are ‘feckless’.

Ideally parents wouldn’t need state help to feed their families – but the fact is, they do. Despite the ravings of every nonce picking up a calculator to tally up the price of potatoes and carrots, people don’t use foodbanks or go hungry for a laugh or because they’re simply shit at financing. They aren’t all on drugs or stupid or wasting it all on fags, telly, and iPhones.

(Someone might have bought something nice before they were poor, good luck jobhunting without phones/internet, and do you expect the poor to have nothing to keep them sane?)

Instead of worrying about a fantasy of feckless parents dependent on the state, let’s talk about the reality – landlords dependent on parasitic leaching of other people’s money, employers dependent on exploiting labour for a pittance, shysters like Serco dependant on hefty public contracts. The Trades Union Congress has pointed out that child poverty in working households has risen 38% since 2010, with government policy behind much of the rise.

Who’s been in power since 2010? Oh, right. The Tory scum. When this is the situation, what else to call them?

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