Some SCPs I Like

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I’ve been reading more of the SCP Foundation lately. Here are a few good entries that aren’t the ones I’ve seen recommended a lot.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s a wiki where the gimmick is that the SCP Foundation contains ‘anomalous’ things, places, or entities. Each one is given a number in their records with relevant containment procedures, description, and experiment/interview/exploration logs. Entries range from horrific lovecraftian nightmares to mind-bending cognitohazards to light entertainment.

SCP 5031. Wholesome story about a misunderstood creature.

SCP 5002. An investigation into the death of a reality-bending writer in her containment cell – fantastic detective work in the context of the bizarre world of the Foundation.

Officer Lowry: Really. You Sherlock Holmes or something?
Agent O’Connor: Actually, Foundation investigations are rather more difficult. Sherlock Holmes, unlike me, could afford to eliminate the impossible.

SCP 5733. A horror movie tape for a generic slasher – in which the protagonist asks the viewer’s advice.

SCP 5545. An Antarctic site contains anomalous hallways, and also ‘contains’ a ‘conceptual site’ with a dangerous entity inside. What’s really going on here? (Don’t miss the last section.)

SCP 5858. A performance of A Streetcar Named Desire has been going for months.

SCP 3393. ‘Because of your ability to access this file, and read this sentence, you are SCP-3393.’

SCP 3000. A giant eel with severe mind-altering effects.

SCP 2006. A shapeshifter which likes scaring people.

Every month, SCP-2006 is to be shown at least one new extremely low-quality horror or science fiction movie containing horror elements. All interaction with SCP-2006 must confirm that SCP-2006 continues to believe that said works demonstrate a superb grasp of horror.

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